Monday, August 1, 2011

Big Kid

"Let's go potty Lucas."
"Ok. Please you not say 'yeah'?"
"What do you mean?"
"Please you not say 'yeah' or 'good job' when I go potty?"
I'd say we can call him officially trained now, though I'm sure we'll have accidents here and there. He's been dry/clean for days and this includes nights people. He's just decided he's a big kid all of a sudden and he's done with this baby stuff. He even started swim lessons tonight (with me). He was less shy than in the other classes we do at the Y. There he won't talk to the teachers or look them in the eye. In his swim class he answered all her questions, but he did turn his head all the way opposite of where she was and mumble it out. Best part was she started doing it back to him. He was a giggling fiend in the class - lots of songs and rhymes to practice the swimming skills.
Ethan had class too - he was doing alright, but then he blew his teachers socks off (except she wasn't obviously wearing any) when he insisted on jumping in all by himself. He dunked himself like a pro!
I do believe August will be the month of the Y. We do sports classes twice a week, swim lessons twice a week, and E starts Tball tomorrow. Uma's going to take Lucas so I can actually work out during that time - woo-hoo!
And now I'm going to go and try and get "Wheels on the Bus" out of my head before bedtime....

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Jessica said...

YEAH LUCAS!!! I am so impressed, good job momma. :)