Saturday, October 1, 2011

8,000 - Crazy!

I just noticed that I have hit over 8,000 pageviews on my blog (according to blogger).  And I am only a couple of posts away from 600.  Who woulda known that writing on here would become such an important part of me and of my family.  I love looking back at the chaos that is the last 3 years with my family and friends.  Surreal.
This week flew by faster than I could blink.  I had a very successful-feeling week in the classroom (except for the lesson on rounding - aye-yi-yi!)  Ethan had a great time in class and learned all sorts of things about Assessment for Learning and grading by the standards.  There was one assignment which he got a "2" on.  This means "approaching the standard" - as in doesn't have it yet.  He explained this to me and then explained what he needed to do in order to get a "4" - above standard.  And the very next day he did it.  He also loves to explain the "goals" of all his assignments to me.  Since I took the book study with his teacher I know all what he is talking about and love seeing it played out in a kindergartner!  If I can get my own students to be reflective I'll be thrilled!
Wednesday was the big day of the new cast.  He got to stay home with daddy (and I left them all sorts of assignments to be working on).  They trekked out to Tacoma - one nervous kid and one nervous dad.
 The worst part was the x-ray.  Though after the fact Ethan said it didn't hurt at all. And he got some cool stickers.
All looked fine.  The doc said it had displaced a bit, but not enough to cause concern.  Apparently 5 year old bones are like magic.
 He was super excited to see his black cast.  And it is definitely impressive.
 Once he realized he was no longer confined to the sling and was more protected he was almost giddy with excitement.  Upon showing me the cast he slammed it into a wall and said, "See!  It doesn't hurt!!"  Not the point....
We got the special pens and the signing began...  Until he announced to everyone that there was no more room.  There is always more room stinker!
Good news for him is that he gets another cast in 2 weeks.  That's when the pins come out.  And then we're casted another 2 weeks.  I wish they'd give him a full bath while he wasn't in the cast, but apparently they don't even wash the arm.  Gross.
Lucas has grown up all of a sudden.  In some ways it's great.  He's more confident, less anxious.  In other ways he's driving us nuts.  He likes to make huge messes and then throw a giant fit when it's time to clean them up.  His favorite mess of choice right now is the big bag of beads.  Seriously kid.
Looking forward to a weekend of fall weather and fun with family and friends.  And maybe a bit of cleaning and school work.  Okay a lot, but still!  Focus on the positive!


Jessica said...

Super cool black cast!!!

Sherry said...

Who but a 5 year old boy would test the cast by whacking into a wall?