Sunday, October 16, 2011

600th post in 600 words....

The title is misleading.  I'm not really going to count the words in this post.  But I bet it'll take me that many to describe the last week.  Only blogging once a week is killing me.  I need to be on here more.  I'll have to invent another hour in the day.  That'll help.  Or maybe I just need to be more efficient with my time.  Ideas anyone?
Last weekend we decided to ditch our regular Sunday activities to head out to cousin Cole's new house - where he was out and ready to greet us!  He and the boys were so excited!  (As were we!)
The boys took out every toy they could find and had fun trying it all out.  After we cleaned it all up, we headed out to lunch at a delicious diner where the boys all wrote away in their journals.  Ethan and Lucas are so into writing right now, though Lucas' consists of a lot of circles and a few L's.  Ethan's is mostly very detailed pictures with a word or two if he's trying to get something out of Mommy.
We didn't have any specific plans for the day, just wanted to hang out with each other, but decided to head out to a pumpkin patch.  We took a hayride, that I do believe was the highlight for all three boys!

 We were all entertained by the dog who "shepherded" us along the way, carrying his pumpkin everywhere.
 Cole sat in my lap and entertained me with all his squeals and pointing.  After that we headed over to the scarecrows.  I don't think the big boys were okay with the giant structures, but Cole wasn't fazed.  I think he thought they were real.  He kept running up to talk to them and grab at them.
 Three boys makes it very hard to get a good picture.....
 but we try.....
 and we try again.....
 and "just one more!".....
 and then we give up.  The boys all picked out their pumpkins and some cool decorating kits.  Lucas was a pain. He'd pick on and then about 30 seconds later "No.  I change my mind."  This went on for a good 20 minutes.  I think he "picked" every pumpkin there before rejecting it.
We headed back to the house - where Cole passed out on the floor in the living room.  We wore the poor kiddo out!  We had yummy cider, caramel kettle corn, and caramel apples - a perfect fall afternoon!
 Lucas loved his "baby!".  He carried it around like a real baby, wouldn't leave it's side.  Of course he also poked it full of holes...
 Ethan's pumpkin had a ghost carved on one side and a face on the other.  And many many hole poked "So we can put in the candles and see the fire!"  
 Cole finally woke up and got to pick out all his pumpkin face parts too.
 It was sad to say goodbye as we rushed off to the ferry.  Cole was crying and I think he darn near broke my heart!
Monday Brian ended up staying home with the boys for Columbus Day.  There was a lot of puzzle building and even some Halloween costume practicing (but you don't get to see those pictures yet - that would ruin all the fun!)  We ended up at Olive Garden for dinner and then Trader Joe's for some grocery shopping.  Between the two places, one of us spent about a total of an hour in the bathroom, escorting the boys.  We were finally about to leave Trader Joe's when Ethan announced he had to go to.  I waited forever for him in the hallway and finally poked my head in after I was sure he was the only one in there (he had insisted on using the men's).  I told him to hurry up, that I had been waiting a long time.  He whisper-yelled "It's not my fault!  This man took a really loooooong time!  I just got in here!"  And so I waited a long time more...
 Wednesday was the day E and I were both dreading.  Time to get the pins out of his arm.  He was nervous.  I was nervous but doing  my best not to show it (which may not have been all that good).
 First step was to cut off the black cast.  It had become huge on his little arm, so it was pretty easy to do.
 His arm looked so weird - all blistered and scaly from the horrendous swelling.  It's still a bit swollen, but so much better!  The pins were sticking out under his elbow - i didn't manage to get a good picture of that (you're welcome).
 Off to x-rays where there was quite a bit of panicking and I was forced to stay behind the glass.  We got through and were thrilled to hear that all was healed!  A bone where there once was none!
 The doc came in and ever so nonchalantly pulled the pins out.  Ethan practiced his deep breaths (which he pronounces "deep breasts"  and had been talking about needing all day...) and didn't cry or scream or pull his arm away!  I was impressed!
Next step was the new cast.  He had requested red which caused a bit of a problem because they only had red in adult sizes.  But they are so wonderful there and made it work - with a lot of trimming and such.
 And in the end, he was thrilled with his new red masterpiece!  And exhausted.  The adrenaline hit and he drove me nuts all the way home.  Upa brought Lucas back home and the boys celebrated over Cold Stone ice cream.  Pretty nice to be spoiled!
 The cast is still really itching him, so he has been back to wearing the sling, which helps keep it stable and therefore less itchy.  It also means I'm back to helping him do a lot of things,  Oh well, 2 more weeks and the boy should be back to normal!
Friday night was Family Discovery Night at church.  There were stations set up with different activities to support the theme of the month in Sunday School - creativity.  The boys had a great time with the obstacle course - especially jumping from hula hoop to hula hoop.  Lucas never actually did the obstacle course, but thoroughly enjoyed building it.
 We also drew pictures to make a timeline of the Books of the Bible.  Ethan did the manger scene - complete with a giraffe!  (Note to self that I did not help him at all with the words - too cool!)  Not sure why Jesus is falling with a parachute, but I'll take it!  I also love Mary's long legs and that the sheep is really looking like a chicken.
 Lucas made the ark.  All the scribbles were rain falling down.  (I made the boat and the water).
 One of the stations was about the constellations - showing the creativity of God.  The activity was to put some stars on there and then turn it into a constellation picture.  I loved Ethan's.  I randomly put stars and he saw a dinosaur....
 and a sock!
 Lucas wanted nothing of it, so I turned his into a bat.
 Ethan's arm had really been bugging him (the endless itching) as had that he can't do a lot of his regular activities (bike, swimming, etc.), so I invited some of his buddies over to make some Halloween treats and have lunch with us.
It was crazy and loud, but they had a lot of fun.  We made rice krispie treats into Halloween shapes and frosted them, decorated pretzel rods using candy melts and molds, and tried (unsuccessfully) to get them to decorate black pumpkin cutouts.  They were all impressed by the snakewich - though no one was willing to eat it....  (They had Bagel Bites instead and Brian and I ate the snake).
 After they'd worn themselves out running around, they settled on playing video games and taking turns coloring in a coloring book.  Ethan had a bit of a struggle sharing the video games fairly, but he got through.
We sent the boys home and I headed to a nearby church with Ethan to get him signed up for their basketball league.  The tryouts were funny.  He couldn't do much with only one hand, though he can't really do any of that anyway.  The dribbling was the best.  I was entertained.
We ran by our garden and found two little pumpkins growing!  We picked 'em and headed home to rest for a bit (who rests in this family?!)
After Lucas was up from his nap (he and Brian spent the morning swimming at the Y instead of adding to the noise here), we headed out to my parents to have dinner and see Nana.  The boys were crazy and loud as usual, but actually behaved pretty darn well.  Lucas even asked to be excused before running off at dinner.  Impressive!
Groceries and new basketballs at Walmart and then home where I completely collapsed at 8:00 pm.  I was so darn tired I could not even watch TV!  Crazy!
And now I just realized I have 20 minutes to be ready to leave to teach Sunday School - Eek!!!!
So that makes 600 posts on this blog!  Wow!

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