Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crunchy Mud

"Hey Ethan, I came and spied on you today in class and I saw you hanging on some girl.  What was that about?"
"Yes you were.  I saw you."
"No Mom.  You were not focusing.  You were looking in the wrong class."
Lucas' Lesson of the Day:
"You have to call the police and the police come and they bonk you and then they take you. And that's why the dogs going to eat your food."
There's a kind of funny thing about this week... I kind of forgot it existed!  In my head it was already next week and I was kind of excited to see we didn't have any night time commitments to go to.  The last couple of weeks had been busy and I knew the weeks before and after Halloween would be nuts, so this was a welcome reprieve.  I need to forget about weeks more often!
Sunday we headed out to the Kingston Corn Maze with our bud Nadia and family.  What a difference a year makes!!  There was no fighting over which way to go and only a little bit of whining from Lucas when he decided "I wanna get out of here!!!"  And by that time we all did.
 I could not believe how diplomatic they were.  And they had a great time teaming up with the dads to ditch Sonia and I.  We had to cut through the corn (shh! don't tell!) to get back to them.
 I like this pumpkin patch because they have a lot for the kids to do - the Hay Maze....
 bikes to ride...
 And again - no fighting over the bikes!
 Ethan managed it one handed.  He was especially excited when one of the recess teachers showed up there and he went and stood next to her for awhile.  He likes to pretend he's in charge too, I think.
 Brian and I were most looking forward to our very favorite Corn Maze snack - Crunchy Mud.  A Fritos bag with a scoop of chili thrown in.  Yum.  Seriously the best thing ever.  Well...  the best thing ever that doesn't have cheese in it.  But crunchy mud with cheese?  I'm drooling...
 The pumpkin slinger is always fun...
 And the dads didn't even take over this year - impressive!
 Nadia was all about jumping in the hay!  She had tricks galore...
 And I pleaded with Ethan to stay on his feet....
 These three are a hoot!
 Pictures of them are always hard, but this day brought a new record of shots taken without one really good one....  But they are funny....

 Then it was one final stop at Hay Mountain where my favorite superhero (Lucas) climbed to the very top.
And thus was our very fun Sunday afternoon.  Monday came and school was back in the swing of things.  But somehow this week feels more relaxed, more in control.  I don't know why, maybe it's just my attitude.  Somehow though, the schoolwork is getting done, dinner is getting made, clothes are getting washed, and we even got a bath in this week!  We have one more week of the cast and I cannot wait.  My little man has been a trooper but it is definitely time to move on!
I'm gong to go and suck up the calm and try and forget that next week will most certainly be insane.  We have a school event for each boy and then we also start soccer classes for the 2 of them at the Y.  Add to that lots of sugar and craziness and I think my good calm will be incinerated.  Oh well... It was nice while it lasted :)

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Sherry said...

Have you tried tacos in a bag? Fritos or any corn chips with all the fixings for tacos--it's a fun party!

love all of the pictures!