Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Uma!

 This weekend we celebrated Uma's birthday with a little Halloween party at their house.  It was extra special because Cole and family joined us!  We started with some delicious spider web dip....
 Some cutely painted presents for Uma, and lots of hugs and smiles....   Lucas and Cole liked following each other around - Lucas giving orders and Cole babbling a conversation with him.
 Ethan was a little bit upset about sitting at the "kids" table... my oh my what a few months of kindergarten will do!  But I think he was secretly glad that his cousin kept eating his food so he got to get up faster.
 The boys all loved running around outside - Cole's favorite was the John Deere ride-on.
 Apparently my camera needed to be cleaned, but we got a few cute pics out there.  It was cold and wet, but the boys didn't mind a bit.

 The hike through the woods was great for the under 6 set.  The rest of us had to play limbo with the branches.
 The traditional pumpkin carving was cuter than usual - with the three boys shirtsless in their jeans.
 Lucas loved separating out the seeds, but then kept putting them all back in to be sorted again.
 Cole wasn't sure he liked the "gushy."  Though he did shove one seed into his mouth.  Yum, raw pumpkin!  Ethan liked it till I smeared it on his face.  And then his belly.  Mean mom.
 Trick or treat was fast -  good thing Nana and Uma were quick!
 Cole, the dinosaur shoved through the other two - and looked adorable doing it!
 The pumpkins looked fabulous all lined up. The order from the door forward is Brian, Nick, and then Upa.
 We ended with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday!" and some delicious cupcakes.
We were so happy to spend the evening celebrating you Uma!  We love you!
Cole got to stay for the whole weekend (and his mommy, daddy, and brother in utero) and we couldn't have been luckier.  The boys loved playing together and it was nice just to relax together.  I can't get enough of that tiny little guy!
This week is Halloween (isn't it over yet?!!!) and then conferences...  Eek!  That's a lot for one week to handle!  And so I do believe it is time to call it a night.

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