Saturday, October 8, 2011

Last Weekend... Before this Weekend....

I swore to myself that it wouldn't take me this long to post these!  But it did.  It's already the next weekend and so much of last week and weekend are a blur....  Let's see what I remember....
We headed out to the Lumberjack Festival in Port Gamble to meet up with the Burns family and also Aunt Angie, Uncle Nik and cousin Cole.  We got there and rode a tractor up to the top of the hill where the festivities were.  This in itself was very exciting.  Lucas could have ended the day there and been fine.
We were in search of mini-donuts.  Didn't find them, but did find the rides.  They let Ethan ride even though the signs said absolutely no casts.  I was thankful.  That would have made for a rough day.  He was even brave enough to try out the roller coaster...  and hated it.
Once we were all there (and hungry) we grabbed as much deep-fried food as we could carry (hello deep-fried monte cristo!!!) and headed over to watch some lumberjacks.  Most of it was kind of anti-climactic, but there were a few really cool events.
It was just fun to be with our friends/family!  We're pretty lucky to have Cole and his family living so close now.  We love that little man.
We headed over to the car show...  Weren't too sure how it would go since Ethan thought "show" meant they did something.....
But they were happy just to look.  A big hit with the dads too.
I know nothing about cars, so I just entertained myself by asking the kids which was their favorite and why.  It's mostly about color for them - just so you know.
We headed back to the rides and Dawn was nice enough to take Alex and Lucas on the Sizzler.  Bit hit.  Ethan was too freaked out to go.  Seems he'll take after his dad.  Maybe Lucas will get to be my ride buddy when he grows up!
Brian took Cole down the slide.  Lots of squeals and big smiles.
It's important to be a fun uncle.
Lucas and Alex were thrilled because they had so many rides they could go on by themselves.  It was the perfect size "fair" for them.  They take their driving very seriously.
They have a junky old play structure there that the kids love (for some reason).  It really is kind of pathetic, but makes for a good stage to rock out with the music.
Lucas has been working hard on those dance moves and was grateful for the chance to show off to his cousin.
The two of them were a riot.
The Burns family took off for home and the rest of us headed into Poulsbo for some pizza at the Woodfire Pizza House (delicioso!) and doughnuts from Sluy's.
I think the boys were most excited about being out after dark.  They felt very grownup.
The next morning we met Uma and Upa for lunch after church at the Big Apple Diner.
The boys had Hot Chocolate and Teddy Bear Pancakes.
Which they loved.  They each tried to talk louder than the other to try and steal the attention, talking about their various accomplishments.  Very important to make sure the U's are up to date.
And then the week came and it was crazy.  Time moves so quickly.  I have eight million things to do at school and then we come home and I have dinner, packing lunches, doing homework, reading, and whatever else I have going on.  It's a happy chaos though.  Ethan and Lucas both absolutely love school and learning right now.  They beg for more books and more math problems.  They love playing school and helping each other (well, in theory).  Who am I to argue?  This is a ride I am loving to be on.  They haven't asked to watch TV in the evening in forever.  It's all about school.  Love it.

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