Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chelan and Old Friends

One of my favorite people moved to Chelan last summer and I miss her dearly!  So, when we were deciding on our adventures for Spring Break, I figured it'd make a great trip for us to go see her! The boys are great travellers - especially now that they're older and can entertain themselves electronically.
Ethan spent much of the drive taking pictures on my phone and texting Brian and Kyle weird pictures of himself.  Which makes me very thankful for unlimited texts.  For sure.  
 The boys were fabulous in the car, but we were all ready for lunch and ended up in Cashmere at "Country Boy's BBQ" - ohmygoodnesssodelicious!!!!
 The food....  oh my goodness the food.....  so good - and we love any place we can eat outside.  Lucas LOVES to eat outside.

 We got to Amy's house and were blown away by the view - so we had to take a bunch of pictures.....

 So great to see our friend!  She was finishing up planting some seeds and the boys were more than happy to help -   She has an amazing garden to go with her amazing house.  And yes, we'll be headed back for a girls' weekend this summer!
 Amy and I got to catch up while the boys played in the sand and dug around for clay rocks and shells.

 The big rusty chain was also exciting - along with some other odd things they found on the beach.

 After some coffee and cooling off at the house, we went out to a drive-in restaurant with delicious burgers and onion rings - all on the lake with lots of room to run around.
The most entertaining moment was as Ethan was helping me take the food to the table.  He passed a table with a couple of young girls and I heard them whisper and screech, "Oh my gosh he looked at me!!!"  So funny.  But he did look pretty cute.
 We stayed up late talking while the boys slept and then were ready for breakfast the next morning at a local place we go to every time we're in Chelan - Blueberry Hills.  So delicious.
 We were sad to leave, but so thankful for the time with our friend.  Lucas crashed before we even got out of town - so tired.

 A quick stop for some shopping at the Outlets in North Bend (someone grew a couple inches this year), and some good food, and we were on our way home.
What a great adventure.  Though now I think I miss Amy even more than before.  Better go back!

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Amy said...

Amy's house really has that view? Incredible.