Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Science Fair Weekend.

Our last weekend of Spring Break was spent at the Science Fair.  I could not believe how grown up Ethan looked.  I just kept looking and couldn't decide if I was happy about it, or not.  I was definitely proud though - that's for sure.

 Lucas now insists on getting his picture taken every time Ethan does.  Only, he won't just give me a smile - he has to do some weird pose.  So much personality.....

We were there until 9:30 that night - so incredibly long - but Lucas and I had fun talking with friends and trying to stay awake.  Brian and Kyle were at an art show opening in Seattle - and we barely beat them home.
The next morning we headed to Poulsbo to walk around the waterfront before going grocery shopping.  The boys enjoyed giant donuts.
And we stopped by the Science Center to check out their aquariums.  The crabs were lively - even stabbing some star fish.  Which Ethan felt the need to reenact.
 Later that afternoon we headed back to the science fair - where Ethan discovered he'd gotten a 2nd place ribbon!  So exciting!
 His friend Stasi got a 1st place - and we were excited to see her and one of my ex-students walk on stage to get their trophies, so we stuck around for the awards ceremony.
 As we waited, I had a brief moment of panic when I couldn't find Ethan.  After searching and almost calling in the search dogs, I found him at a middle-schooler's booth.  This just looked like a science fair to me....
 We were sitting through the awards - so proud of our school - when all of a sudden they called Ethan up!  He won an award from the Central Valley Garden Club~  a nice certificate and $10.  All he could think about was how many pokemon cards that could buy....
Afterwards, we met up with the boys at a local restaurant and got one of just about every dessert to celebrate.
 So proud of this kid.  And to think I tried to talk him out of it....

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