Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was gorgeous here!  It was the beginning of Spring Break and could not have felt much springier!  We started off the weekend with the annual Easterpalooza at our church.  There were delicious pancakes - which the boys loved squirting syrup all over.
 There were inflatables of all kinds - lots and lots of jumping around....
 And there were our friends, the Williams family.  The kids had a great time running around and I was amazed at how much more independent they all were a year later.  Last year Lucas got out in the egg hunt and just cried.  This year, no problems.  They all just played and played, and when it was time to go, there wasn't too much crying over the fact that we were not willing to wait in the giant line for facepainting...

 The next morning, the Easter Bunny did manage to make it to our house.  He hid all the eggs in the man cave, which became the "Cave of Men" according to the boys.  Which really made me laugh.

 They had fun looking for the eggs and were excited to see what the bunny had left.  The most exciting part was the Pokemon cards.  Which Brian promptly opened and played with.  Apparently the bunny forgot to leave him a pack...
 We headed into church and then went out to my Nana's to drop off some Easter flowers.  I am so mad that I didn't take a picture with her, but it was a quick visit - had to get moving once Lucas decided that the oxygen tubes were kind of a jump rope - and I did not manage a picture.  It was great to see her doing so well and happy.
 That afternoon we invited our friends over to eat with us.  Their dad had to work, but they came bearing great food and big smiles.  The kids played outside all afternoon and we even got to sit on the back deck and eat.

Great people to spend Easter with.  Easter is all about love - loving God and loving the world - and so it was great to be with people we love to be around.  And Lucas really loved the cupcakes too.
 The kids' shenanigans quickly turned to costumed battles - much theatrics and fun~!

 I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.  Such a relaxing afternoon!

There are moments in life when you just pause and breathe, and realize how very blessed you are.  This was totally one of those days.

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