Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 2 - Waves and Sand

The next morning the boys were up and ready for round 2 in the pool.  They'd perfected their jumping, and even their impersonations of sharks.  They were probably a bit noisier there than a normal Sunday morning, and we had to laugh when one of the residents started blaring violin music - probably to drown them out.
 When Kyle and Kerry were up and ready, we headed out to Laguna Beach - to a condo that Kyle's parents own right on the water.  It was AMAZING.
 The boys love spending time at our beaches - and really had no idea how much cooler a beach could be!  They were itching to get down there and put their feet in - so Lucas just stripped right down there on the porch - for all the world to see.  (No, no picture of that).
 Kerry took Ethan down first, who managed to flip over backward pretty darn quick.  And got covered in sand.
 It scared him off for a bit - but not for long.  He was right back at it - so brave (and a little crazy - it wasn't that warm!)

 It was a gorgeous day!  Sunny with a nice breeze.  It felt like a true CA experience.  And was a perfect way to relax before the next two days of craziness.
 Lucas spent a lot of time organizing the beach towels - and getting into sand fights with Kerry.  And he also loved going back up to the condo to get different things he "needed".
 Anything to avoid the water.  He was not interested.  He was freaked out at the unpredictability of those waves.  No thank you.
 Ethan on the other hand, thrived in it.
 I finally convinced Lucas to go on a little hike with me, to a little archway down the beach.
 We found the cutest little swimming hole - nice and warm and calm - lots of little ones splashing around.
 Until a giant wave came crashing over, knocking us all down and all around.  Lucas was screaming, I was soaked from my hips down (had to trade out my pants for a makeshift beach towel-skirt).
 It took Lucas quite a while to forgive me, though he enjoyed telling the story.  My ankle was scraped up, but not even that could dampen the mood.  It was gorgeous and we were having so much fun.  (As long as we kept Lucas from the water).

 We eventually climbed back up to the condo and once again Lucas stripped down - not understanding that though we were at a private condo, there were people in other condos all over the place...  He loved using the hose to wash off and thus began the big water fight.  The water fight itself wasn't too long, but the plotting, double crossing, and threats lasted pretty much all afternoon.
 I took Lucas down to stare at the water and see how the tide had come up, and he kept telling me he saw whales.  I didn't believe him. but he was so insistent, I just patronizingly went along with him.  Until Brian and Ethan came down to tell us that they had seen all sorts of dolphins (though we're not sure if they were dolphins or whales).  There were a ton!  It took me a long time to see them, but I eventually caught up to the rest of the class.  They were so cool!  The picture doesn't really show, but if you can see a black triangular fin a little right to center....
 There were a whole bunch and it was so cool to see them jumping around.  And so cool to see the surfers not so far away the whole time!
 After a bit, we headed to a delicious italian place in Laguna called Romeo's - or something like that.  The food was so good.  We ate so much.  The TVs were set to America's Funniest Home Videos - which entertained us all.  It was a weird cross of a restaurant - fancy food and tablecloths, but totally relaxed and casual.
 The boys adore Kyle and Kerry - and it was evident as we walked around.  The boys decided they needed some gelato - and raced to eat it before it got everywhere.  Why do they ask for cones?  And why do I let them?
 We went back to the condo to pick up their laundry before the drive back to LA.  Kyle lit up the fire pit and I was instantly mesmerized.  It's a gas line embedded into a bed of glass shards.  Gorgeous.
I think this may have been one of the most relaxing days of my life!  Such a perfect way to let go of all the stresses over the past month and get ready for the Disney days ahead!

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