Friday, May 17, 2013

May the First.

Again, just trying to catch up, so No details here!  But some cute pictures - so that's a bonus!

May started with a MayDay delivery to Grandma Peggy.  It was super cute to see the boys so nervously going up to the door.  So cute.
 We spent some more time at the park - and hung out with our friend Lyla.  Who is a hoot.

 There's been a lot of tball action.  Ethan loves it.  For which I'm glad, because I'm not really a fan.
 The start of the D-Derby!!!!  Which means fun time with our friends!

 There was a ton of flying debris, and poor Lucas got a big ol' chunk in his snocone!

 A trip into Seattle to the Aquarium with Lyla (and her family - though she's the important one...)

 We got to see more of the octopus than I have ever seen - so cool!
 Lyla was a hoot once it was naptime.  Ethan and I were totally cracking up.
 Totally wore Lucas out with that trip.
 We had the annual Flip Flop Fling - love a good elementary school dance!
 I found this on our PE teacher's door (she's a good friend).  This is how I control my attention issues during meetings.....  This or duct tape my mouth shut....
 What other place do you get to boogie down with your boss and a bunch of kids!  I love it!

So that was the first weekend in May....  And the only weekend that we were "home."  

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