Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 4 - Cars Land - and everything else

I was afraid it would be hard to drag the boys out of bed the next morning - being that they were up way late and it was way early - but the light sabers did the trick.  They practiced their training while we got ready for the day.
 Once again, we were there bright and early, but so was everyone else.  The crowd was overwhelming.  Everyone was heading to Radiator Springs first off.  The lines even for the Fastpass were super long.  We decided to just head there and get in line.  The whole town was straight out of the movie - so awesome!  The line was the longest we'd been in, but well worth it.  The ride was amazing.  I was a bit nerve wracked because when we sat in the car - with the boys in front - I could not see them!  I was afraid they were too scared, as it was pretty intense, but I think they may have done better without me.

 We all loved it and so Brian ran back to the Fastpass lot and picked up Fastpasses for the night (as they were almost all given out for the day!)
 We hung out some in Radiator Springs.  Lucas wanted to touch everything.  He was absolutely mesmerized - truly enveloped in the magic.

 After a bit, we decided to move on knowing that we'd be back later that evening.  We headed over to A Bug's Land - which was so cool because you truly felt like you were a teeny bug with the giant clovers looming over you!
Our first stop was the show, "Tough to be a Bug."  And it was.  The boys were terrified and overwhelmed.  Oops.  But they looked cute in their glasses.
 Bugs' Land had all sorts of cute little rides and the boys loved meeting Flik.  The boys' first room was decorated in Bugs' Life characters - so they were super excited.

 Next we headed down to Hollywood (the part of the park, not actually Hollywood) and enjoyed a few little rides and best of all - Alladin!  It was amazing.  Ethan was most taken by the Genie's comment, "I can't get anyone to fall in love with you.  Believe me.  I tried with Tayler Swift.  Apparently we are never, ever, ever, ever, ever, getting back together."
We also really enjoyed "Turtle Talk with Crush" where you get to interact with the animated Crush from Nemo.  So cool!
 The other big ride that we were excited for was Toy Story Midway Mania.  The line had been long all day, so we just decided to go for it, and the boys did fine.  40 minutes later and they loved it.  Lucas has the Wii game and loved seeing the same games he likes to play at home.
 We had to stop at Ghiradelli's - a favorite of ours - though it was incredibly messy!

 After Goofy's Sky School (which was a bit intense for the adults) - we sat and watched the Pixar Play Parade.
 Except once Lucas figured out they were spraying water, he watched from under my sweatshirt.
 We went back to Cars Land and the boys got to meet Mater!  Such a silly truck.
 Luigi's tires were a hoot - way cooler than they look from the videos!  We battled against Brian and Ethan.  There was no clear winner.
 We ate at Flo's and the food was amazing.  Though the boys were just excited about the lunch boxes.
 And the entertainment on the street!  Hi McQueen!
 We got to do the racers again, and this time I sat up front with Lucas - such a fun ride!
 It was time to say goodbye to Radiator Springs - so sad!  But we got some cool cone cups to leave with and headed down to the Pier for the World of Color Show.
 Lucas was exhausted - good thing we had the cones to keep people from stepping on him.
 The water show was amazing.  Lucas only wanted to see it for bits and pieces, and then he'd hide at my feet again.  But Ethan loved every minute.  It was a fabulous send off to our trip.
It was an amazing 4 days.  I think when you're little and you experience Disneyland, the magic is in the place.  The rides truly take you to stories far away - the details wrap you up in the moment.  As a mom, it changed. The magic was in watching my kids take it in - watching the magic through their eyes.  And though as a teenager and a young adult, the rides were the reason I was there, this time I saw it through the boys' eyes.  The magic truly is in the characters, the elaborate decorations, etc.  They transport you to a whole other world filled with wonder. It was awesome.  From our day at the beach, to our 2 days of Disney.  It was awesome.


Jessica McConnel said...

I'm so glad you guys got to go, and that it was such a magical time! There's nothing like it! And thanks for sharing all the details with us!

David Oliver said...

Was just surfing around and came across your blog. Excellent record. The photographs are good and the writing perfect. You will love seeing this so much when the kids are grown.