Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Transportation - Welcome to CA

I've told you before that my boys (especially Lucas) love transportation of all kinds.  And they do!  So it seemed fitting to start off our big family vacation with a Planes, Trains, and Automobile sort of morning.  It started off with our roommate driving us to the ferry terminal (mode 1 - car).
 On the ferry, the boys got to walk around and even posed for a "CA" picture for me.  We were all so stinkin' excited!
 Ethan's favorite part of the ferry ride was that I let him walk a couple of laps around the ferry BY HIMSELF.  Of course, Brian and Lucas were walking around in the opposite direction, but boy was he excited!  (Mode 2 - ferry).
Next, we walked up to the lightrail (mode 3) to take it to the ferry.  So much to look at, and Ethan was thrilled that I let him sit in a row by himself (right behind me).  Lucas just loved asking after every announcement, "Is that our 'tation?" 
We got to the airport and hung out in our favorite spot - the playground.  Ethan seemed a little big (and we found out later that he was indeed too big- oops), but they loved running around and climbing.
 We tried to convince Ethan that this foam watch tower was for climbing.  It lead to a whole lot of laughs as he tried to scale it.  From all of us.  A few crashes too, but nothing serious.  Except seriously funny.
 My favorite place to eat in SeaTac is right up at the huge picture window.  You can see all sorts of planes take off - and we did.  The boys were most excited to see the Boise State airplane!
 On the plane I was reminded of how much more grown up the boys are.  It is so much easier flying with them now that they can entertain themselves and sit quietly.  Plus, a two hour flight isn't bad at all.
 As long as you come prepared...
 We got into LA really easily and found Kyle pretty quickly too!
 We realized we'd forgotten the worst thing of all - the booster seats for the car.  Oops!  We used just the lap belts and headed to the nearest Target.  Kyle bought the boys all sorts of yummy treats - spoiling them rotten and getting them all excited!
 While Brian and Kyle checked out, I took the boys on their first ride of CA - they went up and down the escalators about 4 times.  And loved it.
 We got to their condo (which is amazingly beautiful and awesome) and the boys started begging for the pool.  They entertained us with all their jumping - Power Rangers water mode - and splashing around.  It was awesome because Lucas truly doesn't need anyone in the water with him anymore - though we were watching carefully and Brian was dressed to jump in if necessary.
 He didn't have to - but he did enjoy throwing them in.
After happy hour, we took a pizza up to the roof to see the amazing view!  LA at sunset is so pretty - and from their roof you can see so much!  Kerry helped point out all sorts of things to the boys - 

 And pretty soon we were all transfixed.  Gorgeous.  And so incredibly relaxing and peaceful!
 When it was time for bed, Kyle put on a movie and the boys cuddled up to watch.  It was hilarious to see Lucas trying so hard not to fall asleep - but he eventually lost the battle.
 For a day full of travelling, it was remarkably relaxing!  It was so great to catch up with Kyle and Kerry and to just hang out and laugh at the boys.  Fabulous.

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