Monday, July 19, 2010


This week's day trip "aventure" started out at a dog agility competition in Port Gamble. We made friends with lots of the dogs there. It was fascinating to watch the dogs do the courses. Freezing cold.... but fun!

Lucas even sat for awhile, but then he entertained the crowds with his photography practice.
He's getting better every day. Next we headed into the old town for lunch at the General Store. While we were waiting for our food, they had the Tabletopics game for us to play. It's basically a set of cards with questions to ask each other. After a few questions, Ethan decided he'd like to take turns reading the questions. Now his reading ability is limited to sounding out a few words in the _at family, so I was really curious to see what questions he made up. My favorite?
"Mom, what's your favorite superhero?"
"No, it can't be Batman, silly. Batman is a BOY."
"oh.... Superwoman."
"OK, Superwoman!"
The food was absolutely "Allicious!" Mac and Cheese to die for as well as the best grilled cheese I've ever eaten! (Sorry mom, yours is great too :) )
We meandered through town - Brian loves old fashioned towns and stores - especially book stores. I loved seeing all the dogs in town. So many different shapes and sizes! We were cracking up.
Next stop was Sequim - the Lavender Festival. Because of the traffic it took us quite awhile to get there. The highlights for us were the dog that had been dyed purple, the kettle corn, and the ICE CREAM.
Of course, that's kind of a long ways to go for that.
It was fun to see all the lavender, but there wasn't too much to do there with the boys, so we headed back home and enjoyed the evening with Uma and Upa. Brian and I did make it out for a fabulous dessert - and pretty much could not even walk after that!
Sunday was low-key - seeing some great friends at church, shopping at Costco, playing games outside. But we closed it out with s'mores around a campfire- once again "ALLICIOUS!"
And now we're back to the real world - I like having a bit of magic in our weekends!

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