Thursday, July 8, 2010

No Cavities!

Ethan had his very first "Happy Visit" to the dentist today. He's been begging to go for months, but I wanted to have a few weeks of solid, consistent brushing before we went. (I am the one with anxiety about the dentist, not him.) He was convinced that he had holes in his teeth, "cavs" that the dentist needed to fill. It got to the point where he was really upset about his "cavs", so I finally put aside my own issues and made the call.
They could not have been nicer! He loved it. They gave him a tour and showed him all the different tools and all. They looked for plaque together - searched for tooth bugs - and talked to hm about flossing - the next step... He was thrilled, and I sat in the corner practicing my breathing. Actually- it was really wonderful - I might just sign up for a "happy visit" myself!
One of the things the hygienist talked to him about was how tooth bugs really like sugar - and then they stay there and make holes in your teeth - cavities. So on the way home I talked to him about what kinds of things have sugar in them and how you don't want to have them too often because the tooth bugs will come. Ten hours later we're cleaning downstairs and he finds a brochure from the dentist showing some teeth with cavities.
"These are the cavities I'm going to have."
"Well honey, you don't want to have cavities - they hurt!"
"But I'm still going to have donuts with my dad. So the tooth bugs will come. That's okay."
Priorities. I tried to explain that he can brush his teeth and that will get rid of the tooth bugs, but who knows.... I may have created a monster!

It is so hot here that we ran through the sprinklers today. Ethan loved it! Lucas, not so much...
He was okay as long as he was in Upa's arms, but really didn't want anything to do with it. Ethan got totally drenched, but his favorite part was watching the rainbow that the sprinkler created as it circled the yard- pure magic!
I'm off to go brush my teeth - I just keep picturing the tooth bugs coming to get me in the middle of the night.... Kind of creepy really...

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The Simmonds Family said...

This made me laugh! How cute still wanting to eat donuts with his dad. Much more important than a few tooth bugs:)