Saturday, July 17, 2010


You know you live in podunk when you see this as you drive home every day for a week... Yep, it's a dead raccoon - been picked clean by various animals I'm sure. It's missing limbs, its tail, and all the edible parts of it. Poor guy. The neighbors just leave it there. Correction - when they mowed, they moved it out of the way, and then moved it back. Ethan's fascinated by "the animal" and so am I. But, I'm ready to not have him waving me home every day. I might start a pool to see how long he stays...
So we've been keeping busy. I don't know why I always want to go, go, go.... But I do... So we do...
Swim lessons - much improvement...
Sports camp finished - great fun - not sure what he loved the best- he says "All of it!"
Mom and I took them on a beach expedition. They were a little freaked out when I found crabs - though I'm the only one that screamed. It may have only been about an inch long but it was coming for me!
Ethan was for sure not going to get lost with his crazy concoction of an outfit!
Lucas clung to his Uma with those vice grip legs - did not want to touch ANYTHING. Especially not the jellyfish sitting on the rocks.... *shudder*
He did hike all the way up the big hill again though - that was impressive. The boys loved exploring - as long as nothing moved...
They've been very "helpful" with the yardwork... As Ethan puts it - "I have job to do. I have to help Upa with the WORK." And of course, when one helps, so does the other - just the way it goes...
Uma has started a great project with the boys- but I'll save that for another post all it's own- it's going to need it!
Yesterday we woke up and Ethan found the tennis rackets- begging to get to go play "WITH UPA". He decided the rest of us could go too - so kind of him.
He's improved much since last year! And takes it VERY seriously. "I did really good at tennis. I was very good today."
Lucas spent most of his time picking up balls, putting them in the canisters, throwing them at Ethan, picking them back up, throwing them at Upa, you get the picture.
Upa tried to work with him too - but he was just in it for fun - and fun he had!
We were off and running - and ready for a playdate!
We met Ethan's friend from swimming class and her mom at storytime at the library - which was a blast! Lucas even made it through the nursery rhymes, finger games, and books - until the last 5 minutes. At which time he went on a rampage- squealing and grabbing books. Next time we won't get there early and sit beforehand... We headed with our friends to the park and played played played. We really had a great time- and the boys were exhausted and ready for naps!
After naps we headed to the Science Center. We were hoping they had a new baby octopus - but not yet.
They did have an amazing volunteer that spent about 30 minutes with Ethan - naming and pointing out everything in this tank. And also answering all 6,475 questions he had. Lucas was in vice grip mode once he saw the HUGE lion's mane jellyfish. I admit it was intense.
Dinner was pizza with Uma and Upa where Ethan announced "I had an AMAZING day."
You did kiddo - so did I!

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Sarah said...

personally, I find it funny you think Washington is podunk compared to Nampa :)