Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day Trip and a Half

We started our Saturday morning out at Northwest Trek Animal Park. The boys were so excited to ride the tram that they turned into monkeys! Lucas ran under the poles and tried to get on the tram during our orientation.
But on the tram they were fabulous! We saw caribou, bison, elk, sheep, and who knows what else. For an entire hour, Lucas sat still - a miracle!
After the open-range tour, we headed for some "hangaburgers" and hit the other side of the park - the meat eaters. The grizzly bears put on quite a show - swimming in their pond and scratching their bellies.
Lucas' favorite, though, was the centipede that was crawling on the ground. He also decided he really likes getting his picture taken - awesome! "Cheese!" Only drawback is that you can't just take one, he wants like 50.
The wolves were sleeping (though we did see one), but this stuffed guy was a hit. The boys kept talking to him. We really had fun there- nice and shady and lots and lots of happy animals to look at!
Next we hopped in the car and went the (long and slow) 30 miles down the road to Mt. Rainier. In the process, Lucas spouted the word "baby doll" and just lit up every time I gave him the Barbie. I don't know that I'd consider Barbie a "baby" but it was so darned cute!
The park at Mt. Rainier- especially the visitor center - was packed. No parking unless we were willing to hike a long way uphill with the boys (we were not). So - we mostly saw the mountain views through the window. But it was still cool!
Ethan was determined that we would "walk" (hike). And so we found a short hike through old-growth forest. It was very cool.
The boys (Brian included) were fascinated by the huge trees. Ethan was a super-hiker. He trekked the whole way by himself including up some pretty darn steep hills!
Lucas, on the otherhand, wanted to walk about 20 steps, then be carried another 20, then walk, repeat.... My arms were dead tired by the end.
After that, we took our last hike (.1 miles on a boardwalk really cannot be considered a "hike") to a pretty viewpoint and played with the camera.
Ethan took pictures of us. Lucas tried really hard, but only accomplished messing up the camera for a bit.
The drive back was somewhat painful - but considering all we did, they did great! We had to hurry home as Brian and I went to a dance/clinic last night on the Hustle. So much fun! We danced over 2 hours before our exhausted feet gave out. I wouldn't say we're experts but we learned enough to have a lot of fun!
This morning we headed out to church and Ethan went to Sunday School. He learned about Hannah in class, and how she was sad about not having any babies, so she prayed to God. Here was his "reflection" o the story (that he apparently shared with his class).
"I got a new blue plane that Jesus gave me when I was locked in the monster cage and the kid tried to steal my robot."
And now I'm feeling like a little dancing!

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