Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sports Camp!

These days are a blur!!! Sunday night we had dinner with Nana- Lucas and Ethan looooved showing off for her. Delicious barbecue pork and bright sunshine! Monday was swimming and salsa (for me) - great fun! And then came Tuesday - Ethan started Preschool Sports Camp. What fun! It's just a few days this week - a couple hours each morning. He gets to play every sport imaginable with a group of kids as active as he is - the poor counselor!
Lucas and I dropped him off and went for our own adventure at a local park. I think he liked the quiet time together- not being rushed off to do this or that - just hanging out together. He listened so well! And I don't remember him screaming even once...
Ethan had a blast too. He even ran so fast that "my breath got stuck in my throat." He liked t-ball the best, I think. We showed up a little early to pick him up, so we got to spy from the car.
He told me he "missed his Wucas" when we picked him up - cute! Both boys took a long nap - me too!
After dinner we went for a "dinosaur walk" with Upa. Ethan is convinced there is a dinosaur colony in our neighborhood (all the woods I think). The best find was this "fossil". Ethan was determined it was a fossil - both boys studied it very carefully. We've located the dinosaur school and the dinosaur hospital - but haven't seen any T-Rex yet. Knowing Ethan, we somehow will!
I love imagination. Love it. Love it. Love it.

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