Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th!

The 4th of July brought us back to Indiana for a McLean Family Reunion! Over the weekend, we all arrived and had everyone there by the night of the 3rd - My dad's birthday! So we celebrated that - letting the kids pick out their own gifts for Upa.

My favorite were Lucas' gifts - spray Right Guard and a police playset. Morgan's tennis rackets were well used - and Ethan and Maddie's cookies and M&Ms were devoured.
We played and cuddled with cousins - so much fun!

These two were the heros - playing with the preschooler/toddler set the whole weekend - they were so great! And it was extra special to me, as I remembered being that person for them - playing with them when they were little on these weekend trips!
The 4th started with a neighborhood parade (which my cousin Max and I were once a part of!)

There was also much bug-watching (and obsessing).

And TONS of pool time in Baboos' beautiful, sparkling pool! Morgan and Ethan could both swim by themselves with a noodle - very exciting! Ethan decided he could jump in by himself too and did great! His swimming teacher will be impressed tonight!
There was MUCH photo-taking!
You'll have to wait for the grand finale of all of us together - but for now - here's our side....
And here's my Aunt Mary Leigh's side...
We had 21 all together- nuts!
Then came a huge dinner of brats and fruit salad - yum!
And once it got dark? Fireworks! The big hit were the sparklers - everyone loved doing them - even mom!

So sad to say goodbye - but such great memories together. Thank you Baboo for making it happen! We love coming to see you and the family you've created! It is amazing!
So now it's back to the real world - and the real diet! One of us indulged in more than just a little food... Worth every ounce (okay pound...) - such a great time!

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Katie said...

Great update and Love the picts! Thanks!! We totally slacked on pictures this time around! Maybe when I don't spend the whole weekend on the stairs, I'll be ready with the camera!! :)