Monday, February 7, 2011


"Lucas, want to play dentist?"

"Otay Eetan"
"You see these little teeth? Those are called close teeth. And the front teeth are the Thunder teeth. Let me see Lucas, open up."
"NO Eetan. No open up"
"YOU have to, I'm the dentist."
"Now let's do x-rays."
"Shhh... Some people are reading."
"Lucas, it's the dentist and some people are reading. Shush. Now let's do the x-ray. Hold still."
They examine the impressions on the foam.
"Looks good Lucas, but you might have a cavity. Drink this water and spit."
"Gross boys, don't do that."
"No yook mommy. Cyose eyes now."
"Ok Lucas, water in your elbow aaaand spit it out!"
"Why on the elbows Ethan?"
"You SAID not in the mouth. Lucas, one more x-ray."
Ethan had a good day. Except that he played doctor a little too realistically with his classmates. His teacher drew the line when he pulled out the robes and pillows. Lucas' teacher (she's young) said, and I quote, "Lucas is like... my boyfriend. I just love him! He's so smart and funny!."
I can feel a cold overtaking me. Uck. I'm not accepting. I have no time nor energy for such things. Luckily the boys were great tonight. They set the table, ate good dinners, and even visited the dentist. Kind of.

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