Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Plague

I so wanted today to be a better night than last night. Last night we came home to no power. A fairly miserable evening, since all I really wanted to do was watch some tv. I'd been looking forward to bedtime all day! But, no power, so the boys went to bed and out came books. We were both asleep by 8:30, which meant we woke up at 1:00 am when the power came back on and stayed awake for quite awhile - me anyway.
Today was a rough start, I figured since Lucas had fallen out of bed and Ethan hadn't slept super well. I dropped them off with apologies and fake smiles. I should have known. I picked the boys up after school and it was obvious Lucas had pinkeye. Also, Ethan's teachers were "concerned" as he'd been so emotional. I tried to ask him if he felt okay and he started crying that he didn't want shots!!! So I knew he must be hurting. Sure enough - another ear infection. Stinkin' fallen out tubes!!!! And Lucas has pinkeye and the start of an ear infection again, but the doctor is "sure" it will go away on it's own. The boys are pretty obnoxious when they're miserable, so I won't even go into the trip to the pharmacy. We finally made it home and are now just waiting for bedtime. Meds have been dispersed and dinner has been eaten. The boys are staying home with Brian tomorrow, so hopefully they'll sleep in a bit.
And now I'll go serve my time in the whining chair. Because tonight just feels like a whining night. Nothing a good night's sleep and a lot of antibiotics can't conquer though!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry katie!

Katie's Monster Exchange said...

That's no fun for anyone!! Though I feel like I might have an ear infection - and it's miserable. Hope everyone had a better day and gets lots of rest!! And power too....power is good!! :)