Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Came too Fast

"Hello delivery man? We need you here right away! Move it! Okay?"
"On my way Eetan! Here I come! I have livery!
We had a great weekend. Did lots with good friends. Too much to remember. Or maybe I'm just too tired to remember it. Below is a picture of a favorite moment from the weekend - Ethan was reading to Lucas in the car.
"Now this dinosaur has lots and lots of eyebrows. They cover his whole arms."
Of course we had a Superbowl party with Uma, Upa, and Nana tonight. We ate way too much yummy food and enjoyed the football (or commercials in my case) and were serenaded by Ethan singing "Let's get it started in here!" Lucas version "Started in heee!"

Now Brian's got two different school projects to help me with (do for me), so I better let him have the computer.

But I just realized I never shared on here what happened on Thursday... I went to pick up the boys at daycare. I got Lucas quickly and headed over to get Ethan. He'd gotten into a bit of trouble that day - enough that I had to sign a note about him not listening. While I waiting to talk to his teacher, some kid pulled the fire alarm and we had to march out onto the playground. We were stuck there for a good 20 minutes. UGH. Ethan's consequences kept multiplying exponentially in my head the longer I had to stand there with the 60 or so children. Now it seems kind of funny - not so much that night. Here's hoping he has a better week!

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Katie said...

at least ethan didn't pull the fire alarm!!! :0)

...see...not so bad!!!