Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some Downtime?

"Ouch guys, my stomach hurts!"
"Here mom, I know what to do." He proceeds to do chest compressions on my stomache.
"This is what you do when you're hurt or dead."
It actually did work, I'm just sayin'.
Lucas' phrase of the week - "Weally bad."
As in "I wuv you weally bad."
"I need it weally bad."
"Go potty weally bad!"
(Which he refuses to do....)
But the phrase is so cute....

It was a crazy week, but there were some really great moments as the boys got better and better. Friday night we ended up with the U's at Round Table. They had picked up the boys and taken them to Nana's for a bit (making them very happy) and then met me at the pizza joint. Lucas was downright obnoxious, but he's so darn cute that people just eat it up (luckily).
Today we had gymnastics and it was so great to see how far Ethan's come in just a few weeks. His strength has really increased. I do believe I was beaming a bit. He was even jumping on the beam - very cool!
Naptime was a struggle. Lucas figured out that we really can't do much to force him to take a nap. He kept getting out of bed and playing. I caught him with the blocks all dumped out, in the hallway, and apparently he was even in Ethan's room for a bit. We kept trying, but there was only so much we could do. Eventually he did fall asleep though - thankfully!
Tonight we invited our friends, Alex and Kenzie (and their mama) over to visit. Ethan was totally wrapped up in a Dora movie, but Lucas and Alex decided to do a little tumbling. They were hilarious.

The tumbling soon turned to jumping - "One, Two, Three, Four..." They'd often get to seven before they jumped... landing in a giggling heap on the floor.
Later on the boys put on a show. Kenzie was impressed, Alex not so much.
My ears are still ringing....
They were all pretty darn funny. And now they are all tucked into their respective beds and this mommy is ready to relax. Actually, this day has been pretty relaxing overall. Which just means I have a lot to do over the next two, but that's alright. We'll survive - we always do.

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