Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Weekend

We had a school fundraiser at a local restaurant on Friday night. The entertainment called in sick, so Ethan played the guitar - on his shirt. It was cute, but not as impressive as this girl who learned to hula from Lilo and Stitch and hula'ed for a good hour.

Lucas enjoyed the pool table - though the only ball they could use was the cue ball (I think it's called that?).
They both really enjoyed being around other kids. Ethan even got to play with a boy that might just be in his class next year. Yep, it's time to enroll him for kindergarten for next year. My baby! How can that be? Except, I can so see that it's time and he is going to so love school. I can't wait to see him in action. Not that I'll be spying on him or anything. That would not be appropriate... Definitely not. hmmmm.
Saturday was one crazy day! Zumba, then it was Ethan and Brian off to gymnastics and Lucas and I off to one of my student's basketball games. We all had a great time at our respective events and then it was off to Uma and Upa's. They took the boys and Brian and I were off to an exciting night in Seattle!!! We ate at a delicious and very cool restaurant - The Alibi Room, went on the nightime underground tour, stayed at an elegant hotel right by Westlake Mall, and then walked around Pike's Place this morning. We had a great time, ate way too much great food, and laughed a lot. A perfect way to celebrate! We were engaged 9 years ago today!
We were excited to see the boys when we got back. They were great for my parents and were super excited to see the new coats we bought them on clearance at Old Navy.
The afternoon and evening were spent playing games and filling out Valentines. Ethan filled out all of his (except for one because that kid had a hugely long name...). He was soooo proud of his work. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and see him pass them out tomorrow! He told me which girl was his favorite and that he'd ask her to be his Valentine tomorrow. So cute! He even blushed.
Ethan also got to wear his daddy's game t-shirt. Proud?
This week will be insane, I'm sure. I am not ready for it, nor will I be before tomorrow. You see, once one is totally relaxed it is really hard to come back to reality. Really hard. But worth it. The papers can wait.... As can the cleaning. I need to rest up for Valentine's Day- which is always an insane day at school!


Valerie Berg said...

I hear ya. I'm exhausted too just thinking about Valentine's Day! Love your new blog look too! I'm always jealous of all that you accomplish in a day and a week! :)

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