Saturday, April 28, 2012


Big week around here~ Ethan finally got his cast off!!!  He was soooo excited and soooo looking forward to it.
When it came off, he was hesitant at first - so scared to move it.  He  was also terrified anyone would bump it.  He did, however, love showing off that scar!
Lucas had an amazing week at swimming.  I have never been prouder of him.  He was kicking up a storm and doing everything his teacher asked and more.  He would even hold onto the side and dunk himself, over and over.  Such a proud mama....
Today was our friend Alex's birthday - and the birth of the coolest cake ever!
Dawn throws some awesome birthday parties and the highlight for the kids was this awesome maze in the backyard - so cool!!!
And speaking of parties....  tomorrow is a certain big kid's birthday and we are all so excited....  we've begun preparations and it's going to be a blast.  I CANNOT believe he is 6 tomorrow!  How did this happen?

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