Saturday, April 7, 2012

Messy Friday

Well-Child Checks - Lucas has another ear infection, but otherwise everyone is healthy and surprisingly average... (size that is)
 Celebrated bravery with shots (Ethan took his job of big brother example very seriously and shed not one single tear though he was terrified) by having pretzels and a new book - Ethan picked Ninjago, Lucas got a new Bible.
 Lucas insisted on a trip to the Easter Bunny (made Mommy happy) and both boys smiled and kept their eyes open!
 Long naps with new meds, and then a trip outside where Lucas revealed he is not satisfied with imagining himself as a player or as a coach, but only as the director of the league.
"Ladies and Gentleman - make your way to the court!"
 Ethan practiced throwing - showing some definite improvement!
 I have the "great" idea to give them a bunch of random ingredients - most of which have been sitting in the cupboards for a long time, and let them cook and mix away.
 Survey the room and declare "MESS!"
 Off to the boys' favorite grocery store - Trader Joe's
 Lucas throwing a bit of a fit as he wanted to be able to run into anyone he wanted.
 Giggles with friends at Bluberry...

 Ethan had a blast entertaining Kenzie... and we were all laughing really hard...
 Lucas busied himself cleaning up and getting himself 5 or 6 cups of water from the dispenser

 Lucas also played with the camera....
 Alex decided she wanted some Ethan attention as well, and had a few bites and giggles...
 All in all - a fun night with friends.

 I love Spring Break

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