Monday, April 9, 2012


New week...  New cast...  New color...  Doc says it's healing fabulously and the x-ray tech says he is the best broken arm patient he's ever had!
First night of tball and Daddy got to be there...  Excited kid!
 Keeping the glove on was tough, but throwing?  No problem.
 The Sabertooth Tigers are out to get you!  Ethan had a blast and was appropriately exhausted and filthy by the time he came home.
 Meanwhile, Lucas and I went to a "new" park (it's been redone since we went...)
 That kid loves riding bikes... A new favorite hobby...
 We packed dinner - he's wanted to use his lunch box after watching his brother take his every day.
 A walk on the beach and cheesy cheesy smiles.  So many giggles when we got stuck in the mud.  The dogs absolutely loved it.
Lots to play on with lots of imagination to drive the way...
 Row, row, row your boat.....
 "Where's da tweasure Mama?  Oh man, no tweasure?  Bummer."
Can every night be this nice?  Seriously fabulous.

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