Monday, August 6, 2012

Cousin Weekend

Auntie Angie, Cooper, and Cole came up for the weekend - and what a HOT weekend it was!  It should never get that hot around here - 90s are miserable when the houses are just not set up for that kind of heat!  
We spent our morning swimming and playing at the Y - I so wish we were allowed to take pictures there.  In  the afternoon the boys and I went to a fun Bieber party  for our friend Paige where Ethan admitted to me (quietly) that he does indeed enjoys the Biebs.  I promised him it'd be our little secret.  Oops.
We got to be there for Cooper's first Sweet Potatoes meal - yum!  I loved the entourage - me on pictures, both boys on video cameras and Cole "helping".
 He seemed to dig 'em.  Ate quite a bit before he started squawking.
 Sunday we headed out to the Bloedel Reserve to watch the Recess Monkeys in concert.  The grounds were gorgeous!
 And Ethan and Lucas loved sitting in front of their future house....  
 Except they said it kinda smelled funny.  I told them that's what old money smells like.
 We got to meet some of the guys from the band coming in and they were just charming.  They are all primary teachers in Seattle who have a band together.  How cool is that?!
 We snagged seats in the front - though since the kids were all invited up to the front, it didn't matter too much.  I did appreciate being right in the middle of it though - except for a couple of crazy dancers that almost ran into us...
 Lucas was pretty hesitant.  He said he liked it - but just sat there with a very concerned look.  And I had to keep taking his hands off his ears - thought it might seem a bit rude....
 Ethan and Cole didn't take too long to get up and dance.  And dance they did - much jumping around was done!
 After about 2/3 of the show, Lucas got up and stood off to the side, still watching, but a bit more happy looking....
 Cooper and Cole just kept dancin' - their favorite song was "Popcorn".
 And then all of a sudden, we look over and Lucas is totally rockin' out off to the side.  As long as we didn't make eye contact, or try to take a picture.  He's got some moves!
 After all the boys got MUCH NEEDED naps, we went to the Bug Museum to check out their new Reptile Room.  Very cool!  Lucas and Ethan still love Leopard Geckos....
 And everyone liked checking out the chameleons....  They had snakes and lizards and even some really cool teeny turtles.  I want one, but they live too long....  I probably won't still want a turtle when I'm 60...  Actually, I probably will, but Brian won't.
And then dinner at the Airport Diner - where we prayed there'd be air conditioning as it was in the high 90's outside.  And there was not AC, so we sweated all over our food as we watched several planes come and go.
All of the boys took their turns at tantrums, but it was a fabulous weekend - and not even too exhausting.  I am just so thankful that it is not as hot anymore as it was awful inside the house!
Today is back to the real world.  As in summertime real world.....  Here's wishing the month of August just crawls by!

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