Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shopping, Falls, and THOMAS!

I've been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and so I've gotten behind around here and aim to catch up!  A couple of weekends ago, we headed up north to a fun-filled weekend - determined to make the most of the weekend with Brian, and the last bit of visit with Brian's side of the family.
We started out by doing a little shopping at the North Bend Outlets.  Our favorite store there is, of course, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  And there we ate our morning snack - a caramel apple.  
The big hope of the day, was to get everyone new shoes from the Skecher store.  And we did.  Brian refused to put his on, but the rest of us changed right away.
Next stop was Snoqualmie Falls - so pretty, but a little underwhelming since we couldn't hike down to them and there wasn't really a visitor center that we found....
But still, something to check of the life-experience list.  And they were beautiful.
While we waited for Grammy and Grandpa and all, we ate at a cool 50's-ish Diner - and had some amazing milkshakes.  And delicious burgers.  And then we really felt like taking a nap, but onward we went.
We crossed the street to the Railway Museum for "A Day Out With Thomas".  And boy were the boys excited!  The first stop was taking pictures with Sir Topham Hat.  Who was more than a little odd.  Especially his dance moves.  Lucas was a little scared and insisted Brian go with them.  Which made me giggle.
They had a fast moving little train going back and forth while you waited for your Thomas ride.
And then it was time for pictures with Thomas.  Their official picture turned out really cute (this isn't it), but this gets the point across.  They smile so much better for the professionals.
A bounce house, tattoo station, and tent full of train sets filled the afternoon, and then it was time to head over to Thomas.
I didn't get any real great pictures on the train itself.  Lucas and I sat by ourselves in the middle and he was just plastered to the window the whole time.  Except when Thomas stopped to go the other direction and the conductor made us yell, "Let's Go Thomas!"  And Thomas listened.  Lucas really liked that.
It was hot - really hot, but the boys had fun climbing around on various train parts and playing.
Pretty quickly after our train ride, the boys started to show that it was definitely time to move on.  They were hot, tired and had done everything there was to do and then some.  We headed out, but not before stopping in front of this huge log.
We also got to wave to Grandpa who was on the next train (he got his ticket later than ours).  The day was a very cool experience - the boys were thrilled to have "met" Thomas, though Ethan was certain to make sure we knew he realized it wasn't really Thomas and Sir Topham Hat.  I'm not sure I'm okay with him growing up, have I mentioned that?

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