Saturday, August 25, 2012

Education in Summer - Random Tidbits

The time, it goes so fast!  I can't believe summer is almost over.  These last couple of weeks have been crazy busy - but in a totally good way....
Last weekend, we had the Super Reader Party at the library!!!  Kids who had completed at least 10 hours of reading got to come and enjoy lots of different games and popsicles out on the library park.  
The boys also liked getting to see their friends!  
 Ever since the Olympics, Ethan has been obsessed with China.  Like totally obsessed.  He even checked out a book at the library about it...  And then he started begging us to take him to "China Food".  In our house we pretty much only go out for Italian or Mexican - so this was a big deal....
We went to a place I frequently ate take out from a lot as a kid and Ethan made sure to bring his book with him.  He made Brian read to him while we waited for his food....
 Ethan's favorite part was the rice... the white, steamed rice....  as in the only part of it that I ever cook at home....  "This rice is so good.  You should really get their recipe Mom."
 Lucas liked the chow mein - or the "noodles" which made sense, since the boy will eat noodles every night if given the chance....  He also liked the pot stickers- which was funny to me.
 After eating a teeny bite of everything and a whole lot of rice, Ethan deemed the experience a success.  "We should totally come back for more China food again Mom."
Since then, his daily journal writing has turned into a sort of report on different countries.  Each day, we'd look up a country's flag and some facts about the country and he'd write about it.  I finally decided I better get him an atlas and that thing has not left his sight since.  He is obsessed I tell you - obsessed!
My mom has started a tradition in her classroom where the kids trace their feet and then write what they know how to do on the left foot and what they want to learn on the right foot.  Ethan's last year's goals were fun to read - since he's mastered them all!
 This year Lucas got to participate - and was excited to!
 I love the way he writes his name - though I do hope it gets a bit more traditional looking before he goes to kindergarten....
 His goals were fun - though he does know all his letters already - just still mixes up V and Y - but who doesn't :)  And why he wants to sit on the bottom of the pool, I have no idea - but he does!
Ethan was an old pro....
 I couldn't believe he wanted to put multiplication.  I suggested adding big numbers, but that wasn't enough.  So, at some point before next summer ends, I'll help him with it....  We already act it out with snacks and such all the time - but I'll add the mathematic symbols.
Those poor boys - little do they know that everything we do has some sort of a learning objective to it.  I can't help it!

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