Monday, October 5, 2009

are you kidding me?

We've been sick now for awhile. I apparently had H1N1 and didn't know it. Lucas' fever last week was... Hand Foot and Mouth disease. Which means he now has blisters all over his hands and probably had them in his mouth this weekend. I just thought he wasn't eating because of the 4 teeth coming in. Poor kid! So now we've been banished from daycare for the rest of the week (ethan will undoubtedly have it though it may be less severe). Brian gets to stay with them all week! Not a lot more fun than cranky cranky boys.... And they can't go anywhere because of the disease and all....
But we're surviving... And no one is sick with anything unmanageable - so I'll stop complaining. Brian's off to go get me some empty pizza boxes for some really cool group projects on Early American Cultures.
Someday I'll have pictures again- someday when I can manage to charge the battery.


Uma said...

Kate, we are so proud of you and Brian. This, too, shall pass! Cuddles and kisses to the boys--maybe--and get them healthy before we get there!

upa said...

His sis. Oh my goodness. I wish we were there to hold the boys but know that we are excited to be heading your way at the end of the month. Hoof & mouth disease? We are very proud of your family - if anyone can handle this it is you. Try to get some rest.

Seidel Family said...

I do feel your pain! Cameron had hand foot and mouth disease about two months ago. I was so grossed out! It sounds so horrible, but it is just as bad as the flu - and is viral and you can't do anything about it! None of my other boys got it. The nurse just suggested to stay away from anything acidic...yogurt really seemed to cool his mouth. Good luck getting through it! I'm definitly praying for you and your boys!