Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Look closely...

Yep, Lucas is sitting in Duke's "lap". He loves cuddling with Duke and Duke loves attention from anyone.
We're feeling better. I woke up this morning and felt human! I still didn't work out today, but I did lots of chores after school - very exciting! I suppose the chores weren't that exciting, but the fact that I wasn't curled up in the fetal position by 4:30 was so great.... Lucas still has a few spots, so I'm not sure he'll be back tomorrow. Brian's great with them, but I'm sure he was looking forward to a break. We'll see in the morning, but as we brought it to daycare in the first place, there'll be no chancing it.
Lucas is cracking me up- loves putting away toys (and then getting them back out). As I was coming home, he went and got his shoes out of the basket and brought them to Brian so he'd take him outside- so cute! He's understanding a lot of what we say now- kind of nuts!
Ethan has taken a turn in story time- he is really understanding what's going on in the books and even is picking up some predicting skills (yep, i'm a teacher). Tonight he wanted to read, so he named all the characters on the page and then gave it to me and said, "Your turn." I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said, "Just talk about it." Cracked me up.
Anyway, we're getting back to normal! Finally!

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