Monday, October 19, 2009

Sit Still Already!

There were really cool pumpkins in the lobby at church yesterday, and I thought they'd make a good backdrop for some pictures. But... those boys were a wigglin' and a wigglin. Drove me nuts! I got a whole bunch of not great pictures and a few that were okay.... The one below is Ethan with our friends' little boy, Eli.
After church we headed to the Train Depot Museum in Boise. We ate cracker and peanut butter sandwiches next to the train, so we could admire it. Ethan was pretty upset that we didn't get to go on the train, but he loved going up the "tower" inside and looking out over the city- pretty cool!

Lucas really loved all the rocks around and how nicely they fit in his mouth.
Look at how happy Lucas is! He loves to run- all. the. time.
Ethan tried to run away. He was giggling like a mad man.
The inside of the building was pretty cool too - I can see why they host a lot of weddings. We actually used to hang out there a lot in college, but hadn't beeen back for a long time.
As the boys get older, I just want to pause it all! I want to keep them in these stages, as exhausting as they are, with the hugs and the smiles, and the giant sense of wonder. I love being a mom.

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You look great Katie!