Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Saturday in Pictures.... #2

We started our Saturday (after I went to Zumba and Brian took off for work) back at the Wildlife Refuge Visitor's Center. Ethan loved the microscope this time- was quite the scientist.
Lucas liked looking at the animal furs.

Like this skunk - he thought it was great.....

Until he saw its face....
The boys made tracks in the sand. Ethan worked really hard at not flying sand all over the room....
Ethan practiced using his "telescope" (rolled up free poster) to spy our friend, the bunny.Then, home for naps, coffee, and relaxing. After the boys woke up, Ethan said, "Mommy, when I'm really big I can drink coffee!"
We loaded up the wagon and headed for the park. Lucas ran right to the swings, giggling away.

Ethan practiced some jumping. Isn't he so handsome? I think so.
Then he decided to try something new....
I so wanted to make him get down, not try it. But, I kept my mouth shut and watched.

And he made it all the way up, all by himself!

Check out Lucas' hair on the slide- hilarious!

We played a little soccer at the park. Ethan just kicks it as hard as he can and laughs while I run for it. Lucas actually dribbles like a pro. It's kind of creepy to see such a little guy actually dribbling around in circles.

Ethan practiced his driving skills- all over the playground.
And then it was time to go home, leaving cracker crumbs all the way...

It was the kind of Saturday I was in dire need of - fun and relaxing. The boys were great - I almost didn't recognize them!

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