Thursday, October 15, 2009

We Will Survive!

Oh the sickness.... The nasty, yucky sickness that overtook our house.... I think we're getting closer to the end of it. Lucas got a clean bill of health (besides the 5 teeth coming in) today, Ethan's cough is gone, Brian merely has minor signs of a cold, and I'm finally feeling the antibiotics of a sinus infection. Gross gross gross. But, we're doing well in spite of it all. Ethan and Brian are at the pizza place right now picking up our pizza (it's pizza night fundraiser for our school tonight) and then we have cookies ready to roll out and decorate (yes, I realize how unhealthy this dinner is) and then I'm off to watch volleyball by myself. We figured we better not keep Ethan out late this week. It's time for everyone to be healthy!
Lucas now says cracker, though is sounds more like "ck-ck" with absolutely no vowel sound. And, if you won't give him one, he will do things like scream/screech and throw chairs. Stinker! He does love those Costco animal crackers though and I don't blame him - yummy and healthy as far as those things go...
Ethan had a great week at daycare - had fun at soccer playing "volcanoes". He said "You go around the volcano and around and around and around and around and then you shoot it!" I think the volcanoes are the cones. I'm going to make Brian go watch next week and take some pictures.
Happy Birthday today to my niece Morgan!!! She's 4 years old today- so stinkin' adorably spirited- just ask her mama!
Hopefully soon I'll have some pictures taken- my goal for tonight and tomorrow!

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Pat & Valerie Berg said...

Oh I feel so bad for you all. We all had that yuck too for a full week and now just have some lasting coughs/sniffles. I agree, it needs to go away.