Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Haircut!

An exciting weekend already... Well, last night wasn't really exciting, but I had fun with my boys! Ethan was eating some Yogurt Cheerios on the McQueen couch- only ate the pink ones though (I can't complain as last week I ate all the pink ones out of the box in a weak moment) and left the rest on the table. Lucas picked them up and walked over to sit just as his big brother had done... By the way, check out that drool! 4 teeth still pushing up... And his sock is nasty because he dumped his soup on the floor and stepped in it....Next it was bath time- lots of fun splashing each other and chattering away in their very own brother language.
My froggie! He let me tie it around him for a bit, but got tired of that. I'm not sure he was as thrilled about it as Ethan and I were....
And then this morning.... We took the boys to get haircuts, but we were too early, so we killed time at the doughnut shop next door. Ethan, Lucas, and I shared a doughnut with "sprinklers" on it. Daddy had "clocklate". Delicious - and a fun way to start the morning.
Lucas was a rockstar at his haircut. He only screamed like a banshee once. We just really needed the back trimmed, but she cleaned him up all over. He liked sitting in Daddy's lap, but didn't like when he couldn't see what she was doing.
Ethan showed him how it's done- sitting perfectly still and chatting away with his stylist. They are so great at Great Clips. It's fun to have the same people over again - they love Ethan- he sits so still!Please ignore what's coming out of his nose, but isn't he handsome! I'd put Ethan's pic on too, but he wouldn't pose for us. He was too busy looking pathetic so they'd give him a candy. It worked.
We're all on the mend, I think. Lots of running noses, coughs, and general tiredness though, so I don't think we'll be doing much else this weekend. I did do the beginner Zumba workout video and that felt good- though I would not have done real well had I gone to class, I could tell! Back I go to my shrieking monkeys!

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