Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Winner!

Another Skate Night this week and this time... Ethan won limbo AND his race! He was very excited and is starting to really love getting to hang out with the big kids. It cracks me up.
He asked if he could use some of his piggy-bank money to get a snack there and so he dug out $1 for a Snicker's bar. He loved it. So much sugar....

Tonight the McConnels came over for dinner. Good friends, good pizza....
Lucas wanted Todd to hold him the whole time- loved him. He screamed like a banshee when he left.

Liam is getting so big! It's fun to watch them actually kind of play together.

Lucas let go of Todd for a little bit so he could play with Liam too. Lots of shrieking, lots of giggles... fun stuff!
Brian got some freelance work with a local business today- very cool! First job's a small one, but there's promise of much more!
I'm back to working out- feels good!


Katie said...

Very cute...sounds like a great day for the Sprague Family!!

Anonymous said...

Yay Brian! Luv ya guys!!!