Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Giggles Galore

Last night the boys played "slumber party" and "picnic" in the kitchen. Oh my goodness they had fun. We were laughing so hard. Lucas would lay down on the blanket head first - "thud" - and then scream -"aaiiiiihhhh" - until we covered them with the blanket.
Even Brian played. It was a great night. Ethan's imagination has lit on fire. We were hiding in caves, wrapped up as monster presents, watching tv on the cabinet, and being superheros.
Oh, and he remembered (neither of us did) what we named his Elf-on-the-Shelf last year - Tok. That's much better than the name he came up with this year- Ruby-boo. So, Tok it is, and he's sitting on the TV cabinet today- ready to report to Santa!
I stayed home this morning so we can go to Ethan's soccer graduation. He is so stinkin' excited that we're coming... I hate missing school, but decided this was worth it.

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