Friday, November 20, 2009

A Bedtime Story

There once were two chicks (well, maybe I should say women) named Katie and Beth. Long before they ever met, their stories were linked. They got married within 24 hours of each other, had their first boy within a month of each other, and then went on to have their second boys, also within a month of each other. Crazy huh? Beth the jock (though she's pretty dang smart), and Katie the nerd would become quick friends. With so much in common, it was destined, right?
One night (ok, it was tonight) Beth and Katie had to go to a wedding reception. With both husbands working late on a Friday night, they were forced to bring their adorable boys with them. They took them to McD's first - to get some food and let the boys run off some steam. It was crazy loud, but Ethan and Raleigh loved playing monsters and bonded quickly. Soon, it was off to the wedding reception. Ethan and Raleigh were perfect little gentleman, but Lucas, he was a different story. While Zane wandered a bit, he was happy in his mommy's arms. Lucas would NOT stay still. He ran in circles - all over the gym - behind the happy couple in the reception line- under women's skirts - oh so close to the beautiful cake - through the hordes of people - under the food table - and out the door. Just when Katie finally got him calm for a moment, the big boys - Raleigh and Ethan - declared they needed the potty. Beth to the rescue, took them. It wasn't until they were finishing up that she realized she was in the men's room.
After that, they giggled together and decided it was probably time to go. The boys squealed in delight as they ran across the grass outside - fast friends.

I don't know why I'm writing in 3rd person- must have been from talking about it at school - or maybe it's the exhaustion? I'm thrilled it's the weekend and Grammy and Grandpa will be here soon! Last night we had dinner with the McConnel's and Lucas was "energetic" there as well... That boy NEVER stops moving! He may get these last 14 pounds off me yet! Liam was so adorably chubby and happy- though he screamed enough to make sure he was part of the ruckuss.... Is that how you even spell ruckuss? I think it's time for me to go to bed now- so goodnight!

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