Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Soccer Monster!

What a smile! We got to go to Ethan's soccer practice today - his last one of the "season", and it was so great! We can't say enough about the soccer shots program. He loved his coach, Carolyn, and I was so impressed at how well she got them to listen! You could tell that Ethan had a blast.
They recited their rules - Score a Goal, Listen to Coach Carolyn, and Have Fun!

They practiced "Show Control" - hard to do inside!

They played games like "Lions and Tigers and Bears!" where they hid in their dens and then brought food (balls) back...
He got his certificate of completion and was thrilled.

They were a small group, but they had a great time. And we had a great time watching - Good Job Ethan!!!
Our favorite moment? They each got to take turns dribbling through the "gate" (cones) and scoring a goal... Every time Ethan scored he would do this little dance/swagger and say "Ka-Chow!" (Just like Lightning McQueen!) You can't hear him say it on the video, but you can see the dance... Oh, and Brian is in shock right now because he never realized he sounds just like his dad.... hehehe....


Katie said...

Love that dance! Christmas is going to be so funny!!

Carolyn said...

Wow! That is great!
Thank you so much for sending this link to me and thank you for your encouragement.
Those are some amazing pictures, and I think it is neat you got to capture Ethan's triumphant swagger on tape. Ethan's a great kid, and I can't wait to coach again in January.
You were contacted by national marketing for Soccer Shots?! I can see why they would wish to use one of your pictures. :D
I hope you all have a joyous Christmas. Will you say hi to Ethan for me?