Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Turkey is Coming!!!

A couple of pics from last week - playing in the playroom and then our sweet boy Liam eating chicken noodle... Check out those beautiful teeth! He is such a happy boy!
We spent the weekend getting ready for Grammy and Grandpa to get here. We ran out of TP at the last minute and had to make an emergency run to Costco. The boys got some hotdogs - nothing like $1.50 dinner....

They got here and we've had lots of fun playing. I've still had to work (though now I'm done!!) but the rest have had a great time. Tonight we danced/wrestled/giggled.
Then we headed outside to see the lights the boys put up today- Gorgeous!! Tomorrow we get to start decorating- I'm so excited! Did I mention I love Thanksmas!

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