Saturday, November 14, 2009

I did have pictures...

But I didn't have any really good pictures, and I'm too tired or lazy to figure out where the camera is. We spent the day working on crafty projects for Christmas - tons of fun! Glitter glue and I need to take a little break from each other though...
Lucas has become amazingly demanding and LOUD. He wants to be a part of everything and somethings he just can't do (stir the pasta on the stove for example.) I hate having him screaming and crying, but I can't do anything about it! Cooking these days is pretty stressful, I must say. But, he is incredibly cute when he smiles and he's discovered dancing. I do love that.
Ethan and I have been practicing some of the songs he's singing in his Christmas program. He's pretty good - at certain parts anyway. And those parts are LOUD. Pretty much our house is always LOUD.
My favorite moment tonight? Ethan reading us a book Brian had just read him. He told the story (abbreviated of course) pretty darn well. It was fun for him to get to be in charge.
And now I'm off to scrub my hands, face, and clothes of glitter- once and for all!

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