Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving - Gobble Gobble!

Brian's mom and I started off by joining in a Thanksgiving Zumba class out in Caldwell- tons of women, a bunch of instructors - and NO heat! It was fun though and a good way to relieve some of the guilt of overeating! The boys (Brian, his dad, and Ethan) to a friends' family football game. It was cooooold, but they had fun. Brian is still sore, but that's good for him!When they got back, while we were cooking up a storm - we decorated the Christmas tree. The boys loved helping. And we needed the help, because with Lucas around, it's a never ending process. Ornaments on the tree, ornaments off the tree, on, off, on, off.
The turkey was perfect- as was the yummy stuffing! I've never had one turn out this well, so I was really excited.
The boys were eager to eat- though slightly picky about what they would and wouldn't eat. The rolls were the favorite, I think - Thanks Sara Lee!
We were thankful to have Grammy and Grandpa with us!We had pumpkin apple bread for dessert and made it in this cool snowman mold - but Kenya (our dog) got it first. Poor snowman.
Then it was time for the annual gingerbread house building. First came construction - overall good, though a little slanted....
Then the decorating- Lucas LOVED getting to be a part of it. But I wouldn't eat from his side as all his decorations first made a trip through his mouth.
Ethan's an old pro and was very proud of his design. Fun project!

Then it was off to bed so we'd be ready for Thanksmas the next morning!

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