Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feels important....

Somehow birthday #29 feels important - like it means something. It's bye-bye to anything considered the "mid-twenties" and hello to "almost 30". I feel like I need some sort of 30 bucket list for the next year. Though really? I love who I am, where I am, what I've done and am doing. So it's a great birthday - and the best presents (besides those amazing chocolate covered strawberries from Brian, of course) are these two little men.
Ethan has been working on his letters and sounds most every waking minute. And he loves it. We worked on putting those sounds together - it's a struggle, but he's got the "at" word family pretty much down. So proud of him. And when I tell him? "I'm proud of myself too mom, for my letters."
Tonight he helped make my "clean out the fridge and freezer" trifle dessert. He kept running in to tell me that he had a secret, but shhh don't tell! And when my mom asked him to repeat what she told him about the first trifle she served to Brian and I (according to her, that's when we fell in love), he said, "They were born in love!"
Melt my heart.

And this guy - has decided he'd like to dress himself from now on and tries so hard every morning. Of course, his shirt is on his leg and his pants always have one pant leg on (because the shirt's on the other leg) and he screams like a banshee if I try to help him - but it's so fun to see him trying so hard to grow up. He started talking in sentences this week - Mostly "I SEE BOAT! I SEE KITTY! I SEE IT MOMMEEEE! A BITE MOMMEEE!" But I love it. He eats his own food and then proceeds to walk around to everyone else's plates for a bite. "bite PEASE!"

I'm blessed. I'm happy. The end. Well, no, the middle.

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