Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Grief Lady...

The time it is flying and I can't seem to keep up! Last Saturday, I used Nadia and Ethan as guinea pigs and we constructed pirate ships out of graham crackers and frosting. They did well. They actually did a much cleaner job than my 2nd and 3rd graders, whose ships were all hit by cannonballs by the end of it. Fun times!

After we made our beautiful boats, we headed to the children's museum. Poor Nadia made a good patient.
Luckily Dr. Ethan was there to solve the problem. "You have lots of holes. Here, drink this baby bottle to help." Instant relief.
When they got tired of treating each other, they teamed up to help out Sonia. Hilarious.
This week (and next week) are crazy busy work weeks as we get ready for our play coming up. Brian and I spent all weekend painting and now I'm working on finding the rest of the costume bits and pieces. Chaos. But fun chaos.
Between meetings, some VERY awesome pirate presentations by my students, and life in general - I am very thankful for the day off tomorrow. We had a great discussion in class about the veterans and their sacrifices for this country. I am truly in awe of their courage - and the strength of their families. Thank you!
Such a crazy week. But tonight? Tonight is calm, quiet, almost peaceful. For now anyway. At some point someone will start screaming, throwing, whining, or crying. But for now... I can actually hear myself think!

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