Sunday, November 14, 2010

Movie Night!

Toys Story 3 at my school Friday night. This time we were prepared. Though the "free" movie cost me 2 new blankets and a ton of food. These boys are eating machines. They were really good for the movie except for Lucas' exclamations (several times during the movie):
"No fro up. Dog fro up. Dog fro up mommy. Not me!"
He was sick a couple of weeks ago. Then the dog was sick a few days later. We can't seem to move past this. Even at dinner yesterday he was yelling it. Luckily if you don't know what he's saying, your appetite is safe.
Ethan and I have been discussing what to ask Santa for. His current thought is a "germote control car. A BIG one." If he changes at the last minute, like last year, Santa's going to be in trouble.
Yesterday morning we went out to one of my student's football games. It was crazy cold, but a really good game, so we had a good time. Lucas and Ethan really like cheering along. It made me laugh. Though every now and then Ethan would get confused and cheer for the wrong team. We helped him. It was heartbreaking, as they were ahead until 20 seconds to go. They almost did it, but just ran out of time - 17 yards to go with 1 second left. The boys were all crying, the parents trying to pick up the pieces - (it was the championships).
Last night we got to hang out with Nadia at the mall - Ethan had a blast running all over with her. We had to keep them from wrestling, but other than that, it was just fun!
So far not an overly productive weekend - but a fun one.

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