Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post #501

I just realized I've posted 500 blog entries! That feels significant! Anyway, back to the pictures I thieved from my mom's camera.....
First of all, thank goodness for that wood delivery a couple of weeks ago... and thank goodness for the help of these guys!

The snowflake pretzels we made - delicious! Pretzels arranged with Almond Bark - and sprinkles.
Sledding Try #2 - the lid to the sandbox. Problem with this one was that you had to pull it down. Not enough momentum, and you had to bend really far.
Then the real creativity began - Brian pulled out the big square shovel, stood on the square part, straddling the handle and holding on for dear life.
This worked, though the boys sat on the shovel instead of standing. Loved it.
Lucas wouldn't hold on, but thoroughly enjoyed it. "AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN"
The slide was still the biggest hit - icy and fast!
We came inside, with much giggles and cocoa. Cookies were baked, stories were read, clothes were dried.
And an update - Brian's back home for another snow day. He made it to the park and ride, but the bus didn't come. He declared the 30 minute rule and came back. Yeah! A nice long weekend together!

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