Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Hoping the Camera's at School

I lay down with my head on Ethan's lap.
"Mommy, I love you," he says as he pats my head, "I loved making snowflakes with you."
We sigh.
My boy? He's big.
The play was amazing. The students were great - and it was so much fun to see their shining smiles and proud parents. A huge high.
And then there was Friday. So tired. Exhausted in fact. Horrid weather and way too much sugar at the cast party.
Led to a grumpy Saturday. We stayed close to home. Finally decided to go out and we saw that our cat, Kiki, had two huge puncture wounds on his shoulder. To the Animal ER we went. He's okay, but not happy about having to be an inside cat now.
Today we got to go help Nana at her new apartment. It was great fun to take the boys and hang out for a bit.
Tonight - Ethan and I made "snowflakes" out of pretzels and almond bark, and we all watched Toy Story 2. And snuggled.
What a great start to the holidays.

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