Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Day! Part 1

I did find the camera - it was at school, along with my glasses, USB cord, and several other things I managed to forget on Friday. Classroom parties with an abundance of junk will do that to you....
So now let me start the saga of Snow Day(s) 2010. First of all, snow around here is pretty rare. If we get any, it's gone quickly - rained away. It never gets very cold. Never say never. I was excited to move away from the temperatures in the 20's and teens.... little did I know....
Monday there was a forecast for snow and icky weather. We weren't too worried, but decided to carpool to work with my mom. Lucas was having tummy troubles, so Brian decided to stay home and take him to a doctor. (He's fine - that's not part of the epic-ness of the day, though it did mean that Brian didn't get stuck in all of it...)
All day long the snow kept coming and the temps kept dropping (from what I hear, about 5 inches and low 20's). The nerves and blood pressure were rising and the kids were disappearing (being picked up early by parents). The drive home was awful - though my mom drove like a rockstar, weaving between stalled cars all over the road. Ethan was determined to get home before dark, so he could play in it, but that didn't happen. It took us an hour and a half to get home - not nearly so long as others caught in the mess.
Finally a snow day was called for Tuesday - and 2 boys were super excited!

We spent 30 minutes bundling up for our 15 minutes in the snow (that's a guess, but it was so cold - 20 degrees is murderous.) Lucas liked playing with the snow in the bucket. He did open up to the idea by the end of our fun, but was cautious at first.
Ethan and Brian searched high and low for the best makeshift sled. Our first try was pretty bad....
The slide was a hit for both - icy and slick once Ethan cleared off the snow.
He did complain a bit when he got snow in his mitten. Did not care, however, when it went up his back or down his pants....
Later I'll post some of my mom's camera's pictures, because at this point the camera died. So fast-forward to the late afternoon and Ethan got to go help Upa put up the first of the Christmas lights.
He WAS a big help at first, but then it turned into a "snow fight" - poor Upa (and anyone else brave enough to show their face).
Upa did manage to finish the task, despite being pelted continuously, and we ate dinner by the light of colorful minibulbs.
It was a magical day. Snow day again today, except for Brian, who's going to attempt to make it in. He'd really like to work one day this week.
More pictures later- once I can hijack my mom's computer. You have to see my insane husband and his sledding solutions.

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