Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bright Lights... No Animals...

What do teachers do on the weekend? We sit kids around a table and make them do projects of course! These were fun though, I promise! 5 kids under 5 doing 5 or so different art projects for Christmas gifts. So fun! Ethan just loved having all these girls playing with him. Lucas LOVED it when they started chasing him. And the art was magnifique! The perfectionism was all left at the door and they just got messy. My favorite was the lunch - we used cookie cutters to cut Christmas shapes out of PB&J sandwiches - Nice idea Sonia! I just ate dip. A. lot. of. dip.
After that we napped and were off to zoolights! Beautiful!
Ethan kept asking where were all the animals. We tried to explain that they weren't the attraction, but that was hard. HE WANTED THE SHARKS. Lucas just wanted to be held, but was otherwise thrilled with it all.
Pure magic - thanks Uma and Upa!
We ended the night with a trip around the carousel. Ethan and Upa giddy-upped and Lucas and Uma opted for the carriage. Lucas so wanted to ride in Uma's lap, so when she told him he had to sit next to her like a big boy, he threw his leg up on her lap - just to make a statement. That's my boy.
On the way home we stopped and got "foffees" and cookies. Because they weren't hyped up enough.
I love this time of year. Family time becomes so meaningful. My heart just gets really full. Tonight we got to have Nana for dinner. In the middle of dinner (in the middle of another conversation) Ethan looks over at Nana and says, "Nana, I really like you." He and Lucas couldn't stay out of her lap tonight. Everyone wanted a snuggle. It's just that time of year. Snuggles all around.
May your week be merry and bright!

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